State Council

The management and control of the Union is vested in the State Council. State Council meets on the second Thursday of every month.

All members of State Council hold office for a term of 3 years and are eligible for re-election. All financial members are entitled to vote.

State Council consists of:
· The Secretary
· The President
· Two Vice-Presidents
· Three Trustees
· Six ordinary Council members

Of the two Vice-Presidents, one shall be elected from firefighter members and the other shall be elected from officer members.  The three trustees can be either firefighter or officer members. Of the six ordinary council members three shall be elected from firefighter members and three shall be elected from officer members.

Only firefighter members can nominate for positions on Council reserved for firefighters and only officer members can nominate for positions on Council reserved for officer members.

All members however can participate in the election of all Council members.


Greg Northcott


Michael Vander Jeugd

Vice President

Neil Mangelsdorf (Officer)
Dave Harvey (Firefighter)

Trustees (3)

Rhys Lauritsen
Bart Lewis
Steve Smithson

Committee Member (Officers x3)

Chris Barry
Gideon Douglas
Chas Thomas

Committee Member (Firefighters x3)

Kevin Fischer
Tyrone King
Jesse Virgo