Gay Pride Rally 2017

South Australia has long had a reputation for liberal attitudes and was a leader in homosexual law reform in the 1970’s. Ever since then the gay and lesbian (LGBTIQ) community have held an annual Pride March in Adelaide, joined by their friends and others who believe in equal rights for all.

Members of the UFUSA proudly joined the SAMFS, the AEA and other emergency services personnel in marching in last Saturday’s Gay Pride Rally. It was great to have our CFS comrades turn out for the first time too!

UFU members said that the participation in the rally by the emergency services sector underlines our solidarity with the LGBTIQ community and our support for equal rights for all.

MFS Chief Officer Greg Crossman said he was very proud to be leading the MFS team in the march, recognising and celebrating diversity, not just within our own workforce and sector, but also within the community we protect and serve.