A packed meeting of State Councillors and Shop Stewards was yesterday unanimous in its resolution on the appropriate course of action to pursue and achieve fair wages for firefighters.

The resolution of the meeting (as below) was recommended to the UFU State Council meeting held today, together with a range of proposals for strategies, actions and timeframes, including industrial, social, community and political initiatives for consideration.

Today, that resolution was unanimously adopted in its entirety by State Council, followed by a resolution of the activities to be commenced immediately and others to escalate over time in order to hammer home the firefighter experience of over two years without a pay increase in a time of skyrocketing inflation and the need for a fair deal for firefighters.

The Premier has been advised in writing that firefighters remain open to dialogue however State Council determined that in the absence of a satisfactory outcome being achieved, our actions will escalate.

“This meeting of UFUSA Shop Stewards and State Councillors having heard and considered the report of the EA negotiating team:

Expresses our anger at the failure of the employer to engage meaningfully in negotiations on the Enterprise Agreement despite 3 years of negotiations and more than 2 years without any pay increase to firefighters, and at the contempt for firefighters now displayed by the Malinauskas government;

Calls upon the Chief Fire Officer to reengage with our union to participate meaningfully in the negotiations to assist in ensuring wage justice for MFS firefighters;

We call upon the SA government to immediately honour its election commitment to the UFUSA to negotiate the MFS EA in good faith as a priority. In so doing this meeting seeks:

  1. A written offer of fair pay rates recognising the escalating cost of living, the expansion of the scope of work of firefighters and the increasing professional development required of firefighters in a fast changing environment;
  2. Backpay to 1 January 2021 and 2022;
  3. Pay increases to operate from 1 January 2023, 2024, and a final payment on expiry of the new Agreement on 1 January 2025;
  4. No trade-offs;
  5. The immediate implementation and honouring of commitments made by the employer in previous EAs and a firm undertaking to continue to honour commitments;
  6. The resolution of the SFQ and Fire Cause Investigation matters;
  7. An independent review of promotions processes and procedures in the life of the agreement

In the absence of a satisfactory response from the employer today, this meeting determines to immediately commence a campaign of actions which may include community, political, industrial, media activities and other actions as applicable to pursue satisfaction of the above as determined by our elected UFUSA representatives.”



Following Consideration and Discussion of the above, State Council authorises the following activities:

IMMEDIATE: Chalking of appliance lockers with recommended messages (Please see your Shop Steward or State Councillor for approved chalk and messages. Lockers only thank you.)


WORK TO RULE (Start and Finish Times 0800 – 18:00 hours) All crew will parade with outgoing crews booking off following parade/handover.

For our members in the Communications Centre, there will be no transfers from the Centre to operations on a daily basis without two weeks’ notice.

PASSIVE This operates in accordance with the public holiday work routine. Safety and maintenance checks will continue as normal. Booster Testing exempted.

ALARM CODES No charging. Please speak to your State Councillor or Shop Steward for detail.

UNION T-SHIRT TO BE WORN No dress shirts.

Please direct concerns and queries re activities to the following STATE COUNCILLORS:

Matt Watherston 0414 600 045;

Rachel Eisen 0488 998 873;

Gideon Douglas 0438 332 781;

Kevin Fischer 0407 472 373;

Glenn Dean 0425 043 325;

Neil Mangelsdorf 0438 500 895.


Such initiatives are designed to inform our members, our communities, politicians and others of the reasons for this campaign seeking wage justice.


Importantly, this includes urging all members to come and join your State Councillors and Shop Stewards in courteously greeting those attending the ALP Convention this Saturday to hand out flyers about what’s going on and to send a strong message directly to the Malinauskas government that firefighters stand resolute in solidarity for a fair deal.

Please make sure the voices of fire and rescue workers are heard this Saturday 22 October 2022 at 08:00 to 09:00 hours at the Adelaide Convention Centre on North Terrace

(at the escalator).

In solidarity,


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Max Adlam


The electronic ballot to elect our State Councillors opened this morning and all UFUSA members should have received a message from CiVS, the company running the ballot, with the information necessary for you to lodge your vote. 

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