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The following MFS advice to all staff was received overnight and is now reproduced here and forwarded on, in order that all members are advised as expeditiously as possible of the incident involving UFU Member SO Len Batley, and of the request from Len’s family that all contact to please be directed through the MFS ESC. 

Our thoughts are with Len and his family, with our St Mary’s B shift crews and with all members and MFS staff affected. Please do remember to take care of yourselves and each other and reach out if you need support or just someone to talk to. Please don’t hesitate to call us at the UFUSA 8352 7211 if we can be of assistance to you. 


This notification is a brief request to inform all staff that today the 8th September 2020 St Mary’s B Shift crews responded to an incident with significant injuries reported. 

It was an extremely overwhelming situation as the incident involved a current serving member of the MFS, Station Officer Len Batley. 

S/O Len Batley sustained very serious injuries and was transported to hospital. At this time there is no further information regarding the seriousness of S/O Batley’s injuries and the family is completely overwhelmed by the empathy and concern shown for Len and his family with the enormous amount of phone calls and text messages received already but have at this time requested further contacts be via the Employee Support Coordinator. 

Len’s family is extremely appreciative of all the contact and support offered and wish to thank everyone. 

Further information will be forwarded at the appropriate time and with the family’s permission. 

If you wish to enquire about Len’s wellbeing please do so at this stage via ESC Moon. 

In solidarity, 


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