As members patiently await a renewed pay offer for our next enterprise agreement, I can confirm that our union continues to vigorously pursue an appropriate outcome to the negotiations on pay and conditions which commenced back in October 2019.

While this is certainly a long time, the delay might now be considered fortuitous in that 2.5% was considered a reasonable pay increase in 2020 but falls short of the 2022 escalating cost of living index.

The solidarity and resolution of members in the Safety & Resourcing Campaign has achieved an increased level of resourcing as evidenced by the new appliances now rolling out and more being ordered, as well as funding to address matters such as the health risk of exposure to diesel particulate matter in our workplaces.

We continue to pursue the resolution of staffing in the Engineering Department and the SFQ dispute, the development of a comprehensive asset management plan, and a review of the promotions process within the MFS and believe we may be close to reaching a position worthy of your consideration.

But the big EA focus now of course, especially as the cost of living rapidly escalates, is a decent fair pay increase for firefighters. Backpay to 1 January 2021 has also been acknowledged as essential in any package proposed.

We understand that a further offer is under the consideration of government currently and as previously indicated, we are pursuing that new offer to be made sooner rather than later and members are assured that you will be kept advised of any progress.


With the recent declaration of an additional public holiday for Thursday, 22 September 2022, our union approached the SAMFS requesting information in relation to the way in which the employer intends for the public holiday to be addressed for firefighters.

Members will recall that Appendix F of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement 2017 and Attachment A Memorandum of Understanding of the Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service) Award 2007 sets out the construction of the Composite Wage Structure which includes a calculation for public holidays however it does not contemplate an additional one-off public holiday such as that just declared.

Without intervention, those unable to take the public holiday off work as an additional paid day off, would not receive the declared additional public holiday.

The MFS has advised that the matter raised by the UFU has been referred to the Industrial Relations and Policy (IRAP) Branch for advice, however no direction has yet been received back from them.

The matter continues to be pursued by us with the employer as this WordBack is being prepared and we will keep you informed of the manner in which the employer agrees that firefighters will join all other Australian workers in receiving the additional holiday time to mark the historic occasion.


The new Manager of our superannuation fund Darren Royals has kindly agreed to attend a meeting of UFUSA members interested in superannuation. In an ever changing world, members have raised issues about how your superannuation (and associated insurance cover) is affected by issues such as a pay rise (!), Job sharing and part-time work, transition to retirement and parental leave.

Perhaps you have other questions or matters you’d like to discuss. If so please come along to the meeting scheduled for 09:30 hours on 19 October 2022 at the UFUSA office at 148 South Road Torrensville. Morning tea will be provided.

If you have a particular question, please feel free to email it to us prior to the day and we will provide it to Darren in order that matters can be properly considered and answered.

To assist with catering please RSVP to info@ufusa.com.au with the heading Superannuation Meeting if you would like to attend.

In solidarity,


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