Election Notice – United Firefighters Union of South Australia

At the close of Nominations, it was determined that a Ballot is required for the positions of President, Committee of Management (Officers) and Committee of Management (Firefighters) on the UFUSA State Council.

Detailed below are the Candidates who nominated to these positions.  Candidates below are listed in alphabetical order, and it is expected that the order of candidates will be different in the ballot papers voters receive.


Jason Draper

Ben Whitlock

Committee of Management – Officers (four required)

James Abbott

Andrew Boucher

Andrew French

Chris Johnson

Neil Mangelsdorf

Jarrod Petschel

Adrian Puust

Committee of Management – Firefighters (four required)

Andrew Bell

Lachlan Eichner

Rachel Eisen

Kevin Fischer

Ashley Westbook

Mat Williamson

Those candidates who submitted a Bio in support of their candidature can be accessed here: https://www.ufusa.com.au/ufusa-state-council-elections/.  These Bio’s will also be attached to the election material you receive.

As you should already be aware, this election will be conducted electronically.  Ballot papers and accompanying material will be sent to your nominated email address and mobile phone.  The ballot will open on Monday 27 May 2024 and shall close at 0900 hours on Thursday 27 June 2024.

Should you encounter any difficulties or problems in casting a ballot please contact the nominated Helpline at 1300 798 994.  This information will also be provided in the voting package sent to you.

I urge all Members to exercise their democratic right in having a say about how your next State Council is determined.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Caica

UFUSA Returning Officer

Election Notice – United Firefighters Union of South Australia

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