UFUSA Safety And Resourcing Rally

Meetings for negotiations on the Enterprise Agreement (EA) have continued however as reported to the UFUSA Conference in September 2021, stonewalling and game playing continues to be the order of the day from the employer rather than genuine negotiation.

Discussion of resourcing needs within the SAMFS continues to be blocked while the employer also continues to refuse to engage in any negotiation on a pay increase. We are told that quantum will only be on the table once we agree to the “basket” of employer’s proposed “efficiencies”. The employer advised at the most recent meeting that if there are no “efficiencies” agreed, only “a minimal pay increase” will be offered.

The employer stated that no offer will be made until a “package” of efficiencies has been agreed. Our union has sought information as to what the employer means by “a minimal pay increase” in the context of our claim for a modest pay increase, however clarification has not been forthcoming to date. Nor have we received full detail of their planned “efficiencies” as requested.

At our conference in September, UFU Shop Stewards and State Councillors unanimously resolved that in the absence of progress in the EA negotiations, the EA campaign would be escalated. Accordingly, a meeting of Shop Stewards and State Councillors has been scheduled to deliver a detailed report of all matters on the negotiating table for members in both metropolitan and regional operations, and to consider and determine escalation activities in our ongoing safety and resourcing campaign.

Friday, 19 November 2021
10:00 hours to 12:30 hours
UFUSA office, 148 South
Road Torrensville

The involvement and activism of all members is critical to the success of our campaign so please ensure that your Shop Steward or an alternative station representative is able to participate. We need to hear your concerns and views and for the campaign plans to be relayed directly back to you.

UFUSA Safety And Resourcing Campaign

In the meantime, thank you all for showing your solidarity and support for the EA Safety and Resourcing Campaign in continuing to wear your union T-shirts and hoodies and please stay tuned.

Shop Stewards and State Councillors have been requested to RSVP for the meeting by email to info@ufusa.com.au

RSVPs are required by COB Thursday, 18 November 2021 in order to ensure suitable arrangements are in place.

If you are unable to attend, please arrange a proxy delegate so that your Station will provide and receive first-hand information.

Further, as advised in Wordbacks Nos 45 & 46/2021, the UFU Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 9 December 2021 (as below) and a full report on this matter will be provided to all members present.


The Auditor’s Reports for the financial year 2020 – 2021 of both the UFUSA and the UFUA SA Branch have been finalised and were endorsed by the meetings of the UFUSA State Council and the UFUA SA BCOM held yesterday; they have been posted here.


UFUSA Safety And Resourcing Rally

Our friends in the Ambulance Employees Association will rally on the steps of Parliament House next

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 13:00 hours

before proceeding into the house to present their petition for more resourcing, safe staffing and an end to the scourge of ramping. The petition has over 43,000 South Australians supporting it and the rally will be addressed by recently elected AEA Secretary Leah Watkins before proceeding into the House.

The United Firefighters Union stands in solidarity with our ambos and we will be there so why don’t you come along and join us, show your support and help send a strong message to Mr Marshall?


What: AGM with full EA report followed by a delicious Christmas Lunch in great company

When: Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 10:00 hours; lunch at 12:30 hours

Where: UFUSA Office, 148 South Road Torrensville

RSVP is a requirement for attendance for catering and for Covid purposes – please email info@ufusa.com.au or call Gail on 8352 7211 if you would like to participate.


We look forward to you joining us at your union office.

In solidarity,

Max Adlam UFUSA Secretary
Max Adlam
UFUSA Secretary
Chas Thomas UFUSA
Chas Thomas
UFUSA President


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Max Adlam


Very best May Day wishes to all UFU members today, International Workers Day. We will celebrate next Saturday 4 May with a March and Family Fun Day, commencing at Elder Park at 11:00 hours.

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