UFUSA Members are making a massive effort in pursuit of a fair wage increase, and it seems that’s what it’s going to take to achieve progress in this important matter. Every single action of every member counts, from turning out to protest at the ALP Convention on Saturday morning in vast numbers, to working to rule, to alarms codes, right through to actions such as wearing your Union T-shirt and going passive. You really do make a difference.

And as we campaign, the importance should not be underestimated of communicating to both the employer and the general community about why we are taking these actions and what we are seeking.

UFUSA Fair Pay For Firies Campaign

In consideration of this, State Council are now encouraging members to consider participating in community engagement visits. Not only is this part of the progression of personnel but it provides an important opportunity to engage with the community while wearing our UFU T-shirts and displaying our chalked messages on fire appliances.

Our argument for a fair wage increase in an environment of escalating cost of living increases is most reasonable and the expectations of firefighters being expressed to us are very modest in these circumstances.

To be clear, synonyms for “fair” in this context, include adequate, decent, reasonable, and satisfactory.

Firefighters have also been presented with an ever expanding scope of duties over the last few years, not least the 60% increase in ambulance assist calls in the last two years. (NOT to be confused with First Responder) I had the opportunity to discuss our argument with Graeme Goodings and the Minister for Industrial Relations on 5AA last Sunday afternoon; you can listen to that below.

Is it not reasonable to expect a fair, adequate, decent, reasonable, and satisfactory recompense for the expansion of the scope of duties and the requirement for attendant professional development?

You may be very sure that our union continues to lobby the employer very hard about why firefighters deserve a fair pay increase, including ongoing contact with politicians and maintaining pressure through communications through radio, TV, print and social media.


It strengthens our campaign wherever members are able to assist in any way with getting our message out to the media. Your experience, your story and your voice are authentic and compelling.

We understand that Premier Peter Malinauskas will be on 5AA this morning, Wednesday, 26 October 2022, at 09:00 hours being interviewed by Leon Byner.

The Premier will also be taking calls – you or your family and friends can ring in on 82230000 to add your voice.

In solidarity,


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