UFUSA Fathers Day

Father’s Day provides us a very special opportunity to recognise and thank all the caring men in our lives who are so selflessly devoted to family and community, who are comfortable in their own skin, and who will exhibit astonishing understanding and tenderness on a daily basis.

Such men don’t have to be a birth father of course to be recognised for their life demonstrating astounding generosity and grace, so this is for you all, whatever your circumstances.

Today we express a very special acknowledgement and gratitude to all our members who quietly make such a huge contribution to the health, safety, dignity, fairness and wellbeing of our community, raising happy, caring children, helping to protect the aged and the vulnerable, being kind to one another and regularly putting yourself on the line, in the interests of us all. While recognition and thanks are not sought by you, it just isn’t said enough…

Thank you and I hope you get to enjoy a fabulous day with your loved ones (or at least with your wonderful crew if you are on duty today).


Many queries are naturally being received by our office and by our elected union representatives in relation to the progress of negotiations on a wage increase under the Firefighters’ Enterprise Agreement. As previously reported, our union bargaining team has renewed our representations to the government and we hope and expect that we will receive a new offer worth you considering, in the near future. We will let you know when/if this occurs and what the offer is, as a priority.

Meanwhile I called the Chief Officer on 24 August 2022 proposing that he and the Deputy meet with us to discuss the resolution of arange of issues, and I look forward to him responding with a date sometime in the near future. I followed up with the DCO on 31 August who said a meeting is unlikely this week…

Members are very interested to know what the position of MFS management is in relation to a wage offer for firefighters, trusting that it would be somewhat more generous than the outright opposition we confronted from them to the 2% interim payment we ultimately won in 2019.


Bargaining is commencing for our members employed by Ventia at Woomera and the RAAF base at Edinburgh, as well as for our members employed in the MFS Engineering Department and BATA with discussions and surveys of the respective members being conducted in relation to the logs of claims.

In solidarity,


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