UFUSA Mothers Day Classic

The number of MFS/UFU participants in the Mother’s Day Classic is growing but with only 9 days to go we are putting a call out for some more keen firefighters to join us for this very worthy event!!

This event raises funds and awareness for breast cancer which sadly impacts large numbers of Australians every year. This is the most common cancer in women, with 1 in 7 women as well as 1 in 600 men, being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. So, with several years of Covid-affected events we’d love to see an extra strong participation from firies, along with their family and friends, coming out to showcase their passionate commitment to community that we see every day, both on and off the job.

Breast cancer is one of the many cancers that has even higher rates of diagnosis in firefighters than in the general population and is thus recognised under the Firefighting Presumptive provisions of Schedule 3 of the Return-to-Work Act 2014. The Mother’s Day Classic is always an important event for firefighters to support.

However, this year is even more significant as the UFUSA is currently campaigning our state government to further protect our members by extending the recognised cancers under the Firefighting Presumptive provisions by a further 8 cancers. These further 8 cancers are also proven to be at higher rates in firefighters than the general population therefore it is essential for our firefighters to receive this extended protection.

The UFU has invited several politicians along to the Mother’s Day Classic to participate and meet our members to see and hear why these protections are so important and necessary for firefighters.

This year’s team UFUSA team captains are:

Carly White, UFUSA President Chas Thomas and State Councillor Neil Mangelsdorf.

Volunteers Needed

If you are not currently able to participate in the 4km or 7km run or walk, we are also looking for some motivated and passionate people who would like to show their support for this event by volunteering to assist us and the event organisers on the day. There are a variety of volunteer duties such as marshalling and cooking the BBQ. If you are interested in assisting please contact Carly on or the UFUSA office on

What are the Details?

Sunday 14th May 2023 (Mother’s Day!!!). The event starts early, leaving plenty of time to spend the rest of the day spoiling the Mums in your life (or being spoiled).

Run or Walk, 4km or 7km from Pinky Flat (adjacent to Adelaide Oval). The course is also pram friendly! Pre/Post run/walk enjoy the fresh fruit and BBQ breakfast with your family or friends – look for the UFU shade tents set up at the finish line.

The event will take place on a “D-Shift” day this year. If crews are interested in participating, please make this request through your Southern Metropolitan Commander or contact Chas Thomas prior to registration at

Order your T-shirt.

The UFUSA ‘pink firefighter T-shirts’ are available to order. We encourage members who already have one to wear it on the day. However, if you require a new one please follow the instructions below.

How to Enter:

Classic Registration for United Firefighters Team

  1. Register:
  2. Select State > Location
  3. Select Walk or Run
  4. Select Fee and follow prompts to complete Registration of Participants
  5. Select Distance
  6. Select Team as “United Firefighters Union of SA”
  7. Finalise payment and registration

Already entered and want to join the UFUSA Team?

If you have already entered but would like to join the UFUSA team please contact and Gail or Kate will help you to move your entry across to the UFUSA team.

Picking up your T-shirt/s

Once you have entered the Mother’s Day Classic and ordered your shirt by emailing we will ensure they are ready for pickup before the day. Please include the size of the shirt/s that you need in your email.

You will be notified by email when they are available for collection at the union office prior to the event, let us know if you would like a friend or family member to collect on your behalf or if a member is going to do a station collection.

If you are unable to pick up your T-shirt prior to the event, it will be available on the morning at the UFU tent.

We look forward to seeing lots of you at this great event that is a wonderful active way to kick of Mother’s Day while supporting a great cause and supporting our current campaign to better protect firefighters affected by cancers.

In solidarity,

The UFUSA MDC Organising Committee


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