Today State Council unanimously endorsed industrial action in response to the employer demoting members from the rank of SFFQ without a proper process.

The UFUSA has attempted to resolve this issue for over twelve months with no response from management.

Our Union now calls on the SAMFS Chief Officer to immediately re-instate the rank of all members who have been demoted during this process and to then engage in discussions with the union as to a proper process going forward.

Previous Wordbacks have reported on this issue in detail and what this precedent could mean for all our members. We do not shy away from assessment of competency, but it must be supported by the principles of addressing
skills gaps, training and development, retraining, upskilling and reassessment where applicable.

UFUSA Resourcing Campaign

Industrial Actions to commence at 0800hrs on Friday 15 October 2021:

  • All Operational Act Ups are banned (Existing GADs to cease Monday 0800hrs 18 October 2021).
  • Passive work routine to be adopted (Booster Tests and Community Education Programs to continue).
  • No Charging for AIRS Reporting to be adopted (all other call details to be included).

Strength in Unity.

In solidarity,


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