We are receiving many calls and emails from members informing of underpayment or non-payment. It appears that firefighters who are or were injured at work, may not have been paid the pay increases and backpay expected under the increased pay rates of the Enterprise Agreement. 

We thank those members who have contacted us for identifying the problem. If the union had not voiced members’ concerns then the pay issues would not have been known to the Industrial Relations and Policy Branch and a process to start to address the concerns implemented. 

All firefighters stood together to win pay increases, and all firefighters should be paid correctly and at the same time. 

The UFUSA has raised the pay concerns with the Industrial Relations and Policy Branch and also highlighted the lack of communication with injured firefighters and the union on this matter. 

An urgent meeting is being arranged to discuss the concerns and to develop timelines for resolution. 

Our union is currently collating names and specific concerns in order that we can raise these matters with the SAMFS and monitor that the appropriate action is taken to address them. 

ACTION NOW – If you are an injured member and have not received your salary increase or backpay please email immediately with the Subject header: BACK PAY INJURED WORKER outlining your concerns. 


Last Tuesday our Union was in the South Australian Employment Tribunal representing members who had been underpaid by the employer. A number of firefighters who were working day shift, and returning to work from injury, were not paid the day shift allowance. 

The underpayments occurred over an extended period and despite concerns being raised and an acknowledgement that the allowance should be paid, it was not paid. 

In the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Tuesday the UFUSA amongst other things won: 

  • Agreement that a list of identified workers would be paid the day shift allowance and have their paid audited in an agreed timeframe. 
  • All firefighters currently working partial hours returning from injury will be audited to see if they are eligible for the day shift allowance and if underpaid, receive payment. 
  • Workers who previously worked partial hours and who were on workers compensation and were eligible for, but not paid the day shift allowance would be audited at a later date. 

We want to ensure that everyone who has been impacted by this pay error is reviewed and receives the correct pay so if you are/were an injured worker who returned to work on day shift and were not paid the day shift allowance and would like to be included in the pay audit, please email the UFUSA now with subject header DAY SHIFT ALLOWANCE, outlining your situation so that we can raise this with both SAMFS and SAFECOM. 

For information on the allowance see clause 15.5: Day Working Allowances, Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Metropolitan Service) Award 2007. 


The May Day March and Family Fun Day

is to be held on

Saturday 29th April, 10:00am – 2pm.

We will be marching in force from Tarntanyangga / Victoria Square to the parklands for a family fun day. It will be fun for the whole family, with food trucks and a bar, a petting zoo & facepainting for the kids too! 


UFUSA dues have not increased since the start of 2020. In this time collectively we have secured new Enterprise Agreements, campaigned hard for increased resources, advocated for fairness and equity, addressed underpayments, fought to achieve and maintain safe working conditions, and represented injured workers to name just a few of the important things our union does and continues to do. 

At the Annual General Meeting of December 2022 members voted unanimously to increase union dues in line with salary increases paid to members. These increases will apply from 1 April 2023. 

Please see the new memberships rates below: 

Full time MFS Firefighters $ 41 per fortnight $1066 per annum 

MFS Engineering and BATA $25 per fortnight $ 650 per annum 

MFS Retained Firefighters $9.40 per fortnight $244.40 per annum. 

Ventia Firefighters $17.75 per week $ 923 per annum 

Thank you all for your ongoing solidarity and commitment to working together for the benefit of all members, now and for the future. 


And a special thank you to Senior Industrial Officer Dan Farmer who is overseeing the day-to-day running of our union office and who has compiled the above information to bring to you today while I am on extended leave. 

In solidarity 


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Very best May Day wishes to all UFU members today, International Workers Day. We will celebrate next Saturday 4 May with a March and Family Fun Day, commencing at Elder Park at 11:00 hours.

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