UFUSA Resourcing Campaign

The joint meeting of UFUSA Shop Stewards and State Councillors held yesterday considered the report on the failure by the employer in EA negotiations to even discuss resourcing.

The following resolution was unanimously endorsed:

“This meeting condemns the Marshall Government for its failure to negotiate on the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) / United Firefighters Union of SA Enterprise

Agreement with ‘best endeavors’ as required by the Fair Work Act 1994 and as the responsible ‘Person Conducting the Business or Undertaking’ (PCBU) under the Work Health and Safety Act .

The unyielding refusal by the government to discuss the crisis of resourcing within the SAMFS is not only a breach of the above Acts but exposes both Firefighters and the community we serve, to unacceptable risk. Firefighters are seeking transparent professional and ongoing business planning and resourcing of the Metropolitan Fire Service by the Marshall Government, in order to ensure adequate appliances, equipment, support and training with which to continue to protect our community in a safe and professional manner.

We express our deep disappointment at the MFS Management’s piecemeal approach and its failure to support the claim for adequate resourcing of the Service. We call upon the MFS leadership to stand up for and advocate strongly on behalf of firefighters and the community we serve, on resourcing which the MFS knows is lacking.

In the absence of any agreement or proposal from the employer to discuss resourcing, this meeting resolves to endorse the proposed Campaign, including actions such as the political, industrial, community and public initiatives proposed. ”Further“ As representatives of firefighters, we will

  • Keep up to date;
  • Organise and encourage members in the workplace to participate in all campaign activities;
  • Educate others about why we are campaigning;
  • Assist with preparation and distribution of campaign materials;
  • Participate in delegations to politicians, community groups;
  • Attend campaign meetings and gatherings;
  • Advise and support members throughout the Campaign;
  • Remain united and resolved, calm and courteous.”

A range of potential actions and campaign activities were discussed by the meeting commencing with political and public initiatives to be followed by industrial and community actions.

Membership consultation will be conducted on the campaign with Shop Stewards and State Councillors updating members on the range of activities under consideration and Station meetings are ongoing.

A range of other important issues were also discussed by the meeting, and information on these will be provided in future WordBacks.


Of particular note is the deep concern expressed by the Shop Stewards and State Councillors at the meeting at MFS management’s failure to progress systemic actions addressing diesel particulate matter, including the agreed Safety Alert which has not yet been issued, and the short, medium, and long-term objectives upon which we are still awaiting management approval.

Diesel Particulates

Frustrate and delay appears to be the modus operandi.

Accordingly it was unanimously resolved:

“That this joint meeting of UFU State Council and Shop Stewards calls on the MFS, the PCBU, to release the safety alert regarding DPM forthwith and to endorse the goals proposed by the UFU and presented at the September 2020 WHS Committee meeting and commence work on their implementation as a matter of priority.

This meeting further endorses the UFU to take any action considered necessary to resolve this matter for the health, safety and wellbeing of our members.”

Members will be kept informed of progress.


Further to WordBack No 37 on the issue of the allocation of MFS T-shirts, members are advised that despite many being told they could only have two a year, we now have it on good authority that you are actually entitled to four T-shirts per annum.

The qualification on this is that the T-shirts will only be dispensed to you on the basis of two every six months. The further qualification is that the time period is based on when you received your last allocation (not when you ordered the garment).

The UFU believes that T-shirts should be issued on a per annum basis consistent with the issue of other items, and our Representatives have argued for this however we are told that to date MFS managers are not persuaded. While this unhelpful attitude continues it is advisable to ensure members are proactive in ordering your T-shirts.

Feedback received highlights the problems with the T-shirts and we are advised that the issue of the quality of the garment is currently under review to address the problems.

In the meantime, as previously advised, the union was assured by the CO and DCO that the provision of T-shirts is based on “fair wear and tear” and if you need more than the allocated MFS T-shirts in a year , you should proceed to order them, and they will be provided. That seems like a reasonable response to us but please do let us know how you go with such orders as we are told that many are not having a smooth experience.



The Union’s AGM will be held on Thursday, 26 November 2020 at 09:30 hours at the UFUSA office 148 South Road Torrensville.

The report on the Resourcing Campaign is sure to be a hot item on the agenda so your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

A delicious Christmas lunch will be provided at the conclusion of the meeting.

Please ensure you RSVP to or call us on 8352 7211 for Covid-19 and catering purposes. It is appreciated if you will also advise of any dietary requirements.

We look forward to seeing you there!

In solidarity,


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