So why Campaign? 

UFUSA Safety And Resourcing Campaign
  • The MFS fleet continues to age with critical failures constantly reported. 
  • The MFS Engineering Department has been skeletonised and simply can’t keep up with the repairs and maintenance required. 
  • Budgets have been successively cut and the SA fire and rescue services are falling even further behind all other services per capita around Australia. (Productivity Commission Report 2020) 
  • MFS decisions are made on the $ rather than best practice, resulting in further inefficiencies and a constant ‘rob Peta to pay Paul’ mentality. 
  • Fleet and equipment are too often failing and/or off-line, often with no backup capacity or plan. 
  • The MFS Training Department is under resourced in personnel and facilities . 
  • The lack of promotional positions creates a heavy reliance on recalls and actups.
  • Regional Operations is treated as a poor cousin in the main, often having the oldest appliances and stations, whilst lacking critical equipment and access to training. Crews in regional ops have even been deployed with less than the full complement of crew and/or with firefighters with incapacities. Recruitment in regions has been insufficient. 
  • There is NO asset management planning or funding stream. The MFS relies on ‘budget bids’ for essential replacement eg of appliances, BA and helmets. If a bid is unsuccessful bad luck, no replacement truck. Firies are left to make do…again! 
  • There are numerous examples where insufficient resources have compromised the safety of our members and exposed the community we serve to much greater risk. 
  • In 2019 UFU members overwhelmingly prioritised bargaining for our safety and ‘the public good’ in order to achieve the basic resourcing to do the job. 
  • Must we wait until tragedy strikes for the employer to act? 

Success to date 

  • Attention is now clearly focussed on safety and resourcing issues. 
  • Some additional funding has recently been brought forward which we would not otherwise have. It’s not guaranteed funding though and it’s still not enough to halt the downward spiral. 
  • The emergency services sector is now discussing an asset management ‘framework’ because of our union’s actions. 
  • The public and the media are now becoming aware of the risk that the Marshall government is prepared to assume on their behalf and they’re not having it. 
  • Over 9,000 people have signed our Safety & Resourcing Campaign petition. Please sign here. And urge everyone you know to do likewise. 
  • The Marshall government has gone from sneering at our campaign to attacking us and running away while sitting on the 2019 Independent MFS Expenditure Review Report? 
  • Our union members are engaging in discussions with many politicians who are supporting our campaign and are assisting us in holding the Marshall government to account. 
  • Ambos are also fed up with the Marshall government putting their health and safety and that of the public at risk daily. Download the petition here. or collect it from our office. 
  • Firies and Ambos are linking arms and joining together in solidarity with a rally on 1 April 2021, assembling at 12 noon in Victoria Square and marching to Parliament House. 
  • We are being joined by other workers such as doctors, nurses, construction and power industry workers along with community groups. Will YOU be there? 

What do we want to achieve? 

  • An adequate budget sufficient to run a professional fire and rescue service. 
  • A comprehensive asset management plan which provides for and funds, the planned redundancy of capital items such as appliances and equipment right across the MFS. 
  • An immediate injection of funds to address critical issues such as more Emergency Vehicle Technicians in the Engineering Department and to replace older appliances. 
  • Safety issues addressed such as the direct extraction of diesel particulate matter from the workplace and relocation of PPC from engine rooms. 
  • An independent professional review of training within the SAMFS. with funding provided for safe staffing levels and the implementation of best practice across ALL ranks. 
  • A commitment to funding and developing a state of the art training centre 
  • An agreed ten year plan to halt and turn around the downward spiral of resources. 

Come and join the rally, bring your family and friends and ensure your voice is heard. 


Our union’s elections are scheduled to be conducted in the near future and all financial members will be eligible to vote. But of course we need to have your up-to-date details to provide to the Returning Officer who will conduct any ballots required. 

If your contact details have changed please let us know ASAP by calling 8352 7211 or emailing The voting roll will close very soon and nominations will be called for all elected positions so please act now to ensure you will receive your ballot papers. 


In solidarity, 


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