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As members may know I am not usually lost for words, however reflecting on the commitment and effort of UFU members throughout our safety and resourcing campaign, including hitting the streets and most recently attending polling booths in the 2022 SA election, I come very close.

Wordback 13/2022 brings you a short update and just a few photos from our collection which reflect our campaign activities including on Saturday, 19 March 2022.

Turning up to a polling booth on election day, particularly when tensions were running so high isn’t easy but to all those who participated, thank you. And a huge thank you to you all for your unswerving commitment.

As previously reported Labor has made commitments to firefighters that a Malinauskas Labor Government will:

  • provide funding for twelve (12) additional Heavy Urban Pumper fire trucks over the next four years, on top of current commitments, to bring the operational fleet up to a maximum age 20 years, freeing budget for other concerns.
  • Labor will work with the MFS and the UFU to negotiate a comprehensive asset management plan, focussed on truck, station, and equipment replacement, aiming to ensure that Firefighters will have the necessary resources to do their job.
  • Provide ongoing funding for two additional tradespeople, and two apprentices in the MFS engineering department, to speed up repairs and maintenance
  • Provide $250,000 for a trial of emission extraction technology to limit emergency workers’ exposure to diesel particulates
  • immediately commence good faith bargaining on the firefighter enterprise agreement

There is much work ahead and this has commenced first thing this morning with contacting the employer, both MFS management and the government’s Industrial Relations and Policy (IRAP) Unit in relation to setting dates for the recommencement of enterprise bargaining negotiations, this time in good faith, as a matter of priority.

We are advised that once the government is sworn in and the public sector has received their instructions, negotiations will recommence.

Members know that there are no commitments made by Labor for our EA other than that they will bargain in good faith which will definitely be a significant and welcome change. You can be assured that your bargaining representatives will resume negotiations vigorously, with a view to securing members a decent pay increase, backpay and resolution of the issues on our log of claims which have been dogging firefighters for years. And that we will be proactive and vigilant in securing the full implementation of the above safety and resourcing commitments. Based on your sustained, collective activism, we are well placed to do soinvoking the truism “Dare to struggle, dare to win”.

In solidarity,


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Very best May Day wishes to all UFU members today, International Workers Day. We will celebrate next Saturday 4 May with a March and Family Fun Day, commencing at Elder Park at 11:00 hours.

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