UFUSA Safety And Resourcing Campaign Rally

Further meetings with the employer (the Department of Treasury and Finance and the MFS) are currently being scheduled, with our union proposing the next meeting on the Enterprise Agreement for Friday, 18 June 2021. Other dates have also been proposed in order to ensure there is ongoing dialogue despite the employer’s refusal to negotiate on safety and resourcing. 

Critical goals of our campaign include a funded asset management plan encompassing timely and planned obsolescence of appliances, PPE and equipment in order that firefighters work as safely as possible in the important job of protecting our community; a properly staffed Engineering Department; sufficient spares in a work ready condition; the development of a state-of-the-art training centre; a comprehensive plan for Marine, together with adequate funding for WHS initiatives such as the reduction of exposure to Diesel Particulates. 

We know that our claims are not only fair and reasonable, but they are also critical. It’s a long hard fight but the attainment of our objectives is possible with such solidarity and commitment as demonstrated by UFUSA members. 

While the Chief Officer continues to advise that he will not attend or participate in the EA negotiations, we are however meeting with him and the Deputy Chief on WHS matters now on a regular basis with a further meeting coming up on Wednesday 23 June 2021. 

Outcomes/progress on issues of concern will be reported in detail to a meeting of WHS Representatives which has been called for 09 30 on Tuesday 27 July 2021 at the UFU office. The Chief Officer has been invited to address the meeting. 

In the meantime, we continue our political campaigning for safety and resourcing, most recently meeting with the Hons Dr Susan Close, Kyam Maher and Lee Odenwalder to discuss the critical needs of the emergency services sector. 


On behalf of all members I would like to thank our State Councillors 2018 – 2021 who accepted the big challenges and who have worked so hard for members over the last 3 years. Our last State Council meeting for this term of office occurred last week and it was particularly difficult to farewell those who are retiring from the council. 

This term of office has been characterised by hard work, courage, selflessness, a diversity of views and mutual respect together with a resolve to ensure that our union is transparent, accountable and honest. Thank you all for your solidarity and support, and your active participation in our union and I look forward to continuing to work with you into the future. (Apology, not all pictured)


The UFUSA greatly admires the fantastic work of our members in the APFF and so we were very proud to have the opportunity to host a recent Coffee Club morning on 9 June 2021 at the UFU office. 

A big thank you to all the amazing members and retired members who came along and showed your support for this important well-being and catch up initiative. We did manage to get the fabulous photo (above) before everybody left so thank you to those pictured and sorry to the many who had already left. What a great turnout; it was fantastic to have the opportunity to catch up with you all. Thank you APFF! 

NOTE: Coffee Club tomorrow (Wednesday 16 June at 10) is being hosted by Micah Hatchard at Square 44, 246/264 Grenfell Rd, Surrey Downs. Grab a hot coffee with great mates to light up a cold rainy day! 


REMINDER of UFUSA Ballot for State Councillors 

As advised in the Returning Officer’s Report in Wordback No 23 of 2021, a ballot was required for each of the UFUSA State Council positions of Committee of Management Member – Firefighters (3 Required), and the Committee of Management Member – Officers (3 required) due to there being more nominations than positions available. 

All members are entitled to vote in these ballots for members of the State Council and you should have received the relevant ballot papers to enable you to do so. The ballots opened on 24 May 2021. If you haven’t yet voted, a gentle reminder that the ballot closes at 17:00 hours on Monday, 21 June 2021. The ballot box is located at 148 South Road Torrensville if you wish to hand deliver. 

Results of the election will be published in the Returning Officer’s Report as soon as it becomes available. 

UFUA SA Branch Committee 

If you are still a member of the UFUA SA branch, you are advised that the Returning Officer conducting the elections for the UFUA BCOM has advised that no ballot is currently required for positions on the BCOM as there are no contested positions. There are no longer any contested positions due to the withdrawal of a number of nominations. One position of UFUA SA Branch Vice President – Firefighters remains vacant due to there being no nominations for this position on the relevant date, and we anticipate that nominations will be called for this position as a casual vacancy, in the near future. 

Please see below for the declaration received from the AEC. 

Congratulations to all those elected. 

In solidarity, 


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The electronic ballot to elect our State Councillors opened this morning and all UFUSA members should have received a message from CiVS, the company running the ballot, with the information necessary for you to lodge your vote. 

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