On the basis that no changes have been advised to our union for the proposed schedule of payments under the new EA, we anticipate that the dates as advised in Wordback 1/2023 as below will be met:

  • One-off payment of $1500 (or pro rata) 9 February 2023
  • New rates 23 February 2023
  • Backpay for current employees 9 March 2023
  • “Terminated” Employees 23 March 2023

Concerningly, we were recently advised that some bright spark in the bureaucracy had decided they could economise by cheating those members who have retired in the period from 1 January 2021 to now, of their backpay. I’m glad to say that our union has prevailed on the argument and our retired members who were employed for any period from 1 January 2021 through to 1 January 2023, will indeed now receive their backpay on 23 March 2023.

All members and retired members are reminded to ensure you check your payments carefully when they come through. You can request further detail if required to reconcile the payments and you should raise any issues in the first instance with your employer in writing asap and keep us informed.


South Australian first responders now have first priority to adopt greyhounds as pets through a new partnership between emergency services unions and peak greyhound racing bodies in a program launched today.

Dubbed ‘Greyhoundsas Mates’,the initiative will provide South Australia’s police and firefighter

union members with immediate access to Greyhound Racing SA’s leading Greyhounds as Pets (GAP SA) program with adoption fees taken care of, quickly and effectively matching them with a loyal new companion at no cost. Alongside priority access and waiving of adoption fees for dogs which are already desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, union members will receive three months of quality dry dog food and veterinary support to allow for the best possible start to their new mateship.

We hope that our partnership with Greyhound Racing SA, Greyhounds Australasia (GA), and the Police Association of South Australia (PASA) will provide tangible benefits for both emergency service workers and greyhounds in need of a forever home.

A huge thank you to our members who kindly turned out with such open hearts to the launch of Greyhounds as Mates this morning, particularly in the midst of such a busy day. Thank you also to MFS management for supporting and facilitating our initiative. I know I lost my heart to Red (the dog I’m ‘strangling’ below) and I reckon I wasn’t alone in being affected by the gentle creatures we met.

These beautiful greyhounds provide loyal companionship for emergency service workers and their families, positively impacting on the mental and physical health and well-being of frontline workers. They may not be for everyone but if you’re interested in knowing more about the program, you can find out more by going to


Many members have expressed interest in and conveyed concerns about the MFS proposal for an external recruitment process for Comms.

Your union has advised the MFS that as always we are open to discussions aboutany difficulties being experienced with recruitment to Comms and in canvassing potential resolutions.

In this instance, please note that absolutely no agreement has been reached on the matter to date.

As you know, Firefighters have been and remain resolute in our view that community safety is best served by retaining members with operational knowledge and experience in the Comm Centre.

A range of questions have been returned to the MFS wherein we seek further information and clarification on numerous points of the MFS proposal. We are keen to receive and understand the information sought in order that discussions can proceed, and resolution identified to the concerns raised by the employer. It is understood that this is a matter of great concern to UFU members and it will not be determined lightly or in the absence of your input.

As ever, your union is most interested to hear your view on this matter and if you have questions and/or views, please do not hesitate to contact your UFU office by directing your email to orby calling us on 8352 7211.

Thank you for your active participation in your union. Together we make a difference.

In solidarity


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