What We’re About

Save SA Services is a group made up of unions, workers and ordinary South Australians who are sick and tired of seeing jobs and profits sent interstate and overseas by governments more concerned with ideology than doing what’s right for South Australia.

We’re sick of secret deals being hammered out with rich mates. We’re sick of service cuts and higher prices. And we’re sick of seeing things created and paid for by the South Australian public be seen as a quick cash grab instead of community assets. 

Stand Up

It’s time to stand up to the gutting of services for economic benefits which never seem to materialise and ensure that South Australians have access to the public services that we need – especially now, as more and more of us are doing it hard in unprecedented times.

We call on all political parties to commit to principles of keeping public services in public hands and save South Australia from being sold off for short-term gain and long-term pain. Let’s put people ahead of company profits and keep our state safe, secure and strong.

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