UFUSA Christmas 2023

Yes, our Union AGM and Christmas Lunch are being held this week on

Members are urged to come and join us to celebrate the end of yet another busy year full of activity and challenge and to discuss plans for lots more in 2024.

You can start with delicious coffee and muffins from Krystle at the La La Latte caravan as you enter and stay for the always fabulous spit roast lunch from Jason of The Gourmandiser at 12:30 hours.

The AGM will receive a report from our auditor on our union finances, and in particular details of how your union subs have been expended. You will also be able to tour your union office and see for yourself the ongoing improvements (currently fantastic restoration tiling of the front veranda is underway) a major union owned asset which continues to rapidly appreciate in value.

A large part of our budget has been spent on matters such as defending and advancing members’ wages and conditions, extending and pursuing the rights of members injured at work and for the families of those who have died from industrial diseases, fighting for the correct pay and leave entitlements of many members, retaining our gold standard PPE, defending and seeking justice for the multiple members involved in disciplinary charges, following up on the implementation of promises made in our resourcing campaign, and importantly participating in collective union actions such as reforming WHS in SA with the introduction of industrial manslaughter legislation.

Critically, the WHS agenda within the MFS has been a busy one and we are fortunate that Michael Clark will be in attendance at the meeting on Thursday to present an up-to-date report on current WHS activities within the MFS, including a report on action being implemented to address the fifth floor issues mentioned in Wordback 18/2023.

Legal challenges, problematic EA negotiations with Ventia, internal reviews, MFS consultative and advisory committees, recruitment, promotion and training issues, concerns with SAFECOM and Shared Services, and ALP and SA Union matters have combined to ensure our agenda remains a very busy one.

And as we gear up for 2024 and the commencement of our negotiations for the next SAMFS Enterprise Agreement, it is critical that we have a collective and united approach in order to achieve the best outcomes for members in a challenging economic environment.

As reported in WordBack 18/2023, your State Council has been working hard on a proposal to properly finance the ongoing work of our union with a recommendation for a fee increase developed at the November meeting of State Council to be put to the AGM for consideration.

Our policy of campaigning through years without a pay increase, fighting on almost every front has impacted on our reserves at a time we need to maintain and demonstrate our strength. We have reviewed subs of a range of like unions, including those of other firefighters, ambos, police, doctors and nurses and while it is difficult to compare like with like exactly, with the proposed increase, we would remain equal to or less than those unions we might compare ourselves to.

To continue to grow and strengthen our union, State Council have resolved to seek a resolution from the AGM that members pay a higher subscription from February 2024. It is calculated that this will enable us to continue to provide professional services required while restoring our fighting fund over time. The proposed increase is as follows:

Per FortnightNowFeb 2024
MFS Full Time41.0045.10
Apprentice Rate9.4010.35
Ventia (per week)35.5039.05

For the vast majority of UFU members the increase sought is $2.05 per week (or $4.10 per fortnight) and we hope that you will attend the AGM for a full, independent and transparent financial report demonstrating that all subscriptions are and will continue to be put to work for the members. And that you will participate in conversation about meeting the challenges in 2024 and beyond and support the proposal.

As previously reported UFUSA Rule changes are proposed to enable members to vote in our union elections by electronic means from 2024, instead of the slow and now problematic “snail mail” ballot through Australia Post. The highlighted proposed changes are posted on the UFUA SA website which you can access via this link

Not only will these be more convenient for members, but there is also a significant saving anticipated in the conduct of such ballots.

Just another reminder to members employed by the SAMFS who may be contemplating retirement that a pre-retirement seminar is being conducted on

You can bring a partner and lunch will be provided so please do let Nicky Tsokkas at the SAMFS Superannuation Fund know ASAP if you’d like to attend.

In solidarity


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Very best May Day wishes to all UFU members today, International Workers Day. We will celebrate next Saturday 4 May with a March and Family Fun Day, commencing at Elder Park at 11:00 hours.

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