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Our union continues to fight for injured firefighters to ensure that they are paid correctly. It is frustrating in the extreme dealing with SAMFS, SAFECOM, Shared Services and IRAP on these matters as it appears they just cannot get the pay calculations right.

EA Pay increases.

Despite our ongoing efforts injured Firefighters on workers compensation are yet to be paid salary increases and back pay owed from the recent changes to the enterprise agreement. This is unacceptable.

The UFUSA has been able to negotiate that this money will be paid to injured workers on the 18 May 2023. While it should have been paid earlier, we are advised that this is the earliest that SAFECOM, SAMFS and SHARED SERVICES could complete the work.

We are still awaiting advice from SAFECOM and SAMFS as to whether interest will be paid on the delayed monies.

Non-Payment of Day Shift Allowance

Previously we reported on a union win, where the UFU successfully argued in the Employment Tribunal that eligible injured workers were to be paid the day shift allowance. As agreed in the SAET the calculations were provided by the employer to the UFUSA last week, prior to being paid to members. Surprise, the calculations were wrong! We are now involved in further discussion to ensure that people are paid the correct rate and in the agreed paid run.


Members have raised a number of ongoing concerns with the current payslips which are created using the pay system Chris 21. Amongst many issues the key concern is that payslips are “live.” That is, if changes are made, they change the pay slip retrospectively. This means that the advice may not reflect what was actually paid or accrued at the time. This has caused some members problems with their tax.

Members are strongly encouraged to:

  • Check your fortnightly pay slip to ensure that you are being paid correctly, and to immediately raise concerns or questions with Shared Services.
  • Make a hard copy of your payslips rather relying on the electron version.

The Campaign to Extend Presumptive Cancer Provisions

The UFUSA continues to campaign to increase the number of cancers covered under the presumptive legislation from 12 to 20. If we are successful, lung, skin, cervical, ovarian, penile, pancreatic, thyroid and mesothelioma cancers will be included.

These changes were recently won for firefighters federally where Federal Industrial Relations Minister Tony Burke has increased protections for firefighters by regulation. We also welcome the Tasmanian Governments announcement to expand cancer protection for professional firefighters and congratulate our Tasmanian colleagues on their successful action.

The UFUSA has recently given evidence to Legislative Council Select Committee on Return to Work, where we put forward our argument to extend the legislation.

A UFU delegation has recently met with the SA Attorney General Kyam Maher to discuss with him our proposal and concerns in regard to Presumptive Cancer. The meeting was positive and it was agreed further work would occur on costing the change. Although we do believe that there is no cost that can be put on protecting firefighters.

A meeting with Emergency Services Minister Joe Szakacs is scheduled which gives the UFU further opportunity to put our case to Government and explore timeframes for implementation.

On Wednesday 19 April 2023 the UFUSA’s campaign for extending the presumptive cancer legislation was reported in the Advertiser. The paper was interested in the union evidence that the current legislation did not include reproductive cancers for female fighters.

UFUSA In Legislative Council

On Tuesday 18 April a UFUSA delegation led by Chas Thomas, Chris Barry and Dan Farmer gave evidence to the SA Legislative Council Select Committee into the Return-to-Work Scheme. The UFU has been a key player in the SA Unions campaign to improve workers compensation arrangement for injured workers.

We are seeking

  • Improvements in the return-to-work services offered to members, which includes better systems of work, better claims processes and enhanced support for injured workers.
  • Expanding the Presumptive cancer legislation from 12 to 20 cancers.
  • Better reporting and investigations into workers with serious injuries due to cancer, so that we can better understand causation and ensure that firefighters in the future are better protected.
  • Monitoring of firefighter health so that cancers can be identified sooner.
  • Greater protections for emergency service workers who suffer PTSI.

The UFU submissions and the transcript of our evidence can be found here at Legislative Council Select Committee, Return To Work Scheme:


May Day

The UFU will be out in force at this year’s May Day March and Family Fun Day so please do bring your family and friends and come and join us to celebrate and have fun.

International Workers’ Memorial Day

All workers have the right to go to work and return home safely however all too often workers are injured in their employment and sometimes are never able to come home at all. It is important that we continue to remember them and their families as we continue the struggle for occupational health and safety.


Again a special thank you to Senior Industrial Officer Dan Farmer who is overseeing the day-to-day running of our union office and who, together with members of our Union Staff and Executive, is working for you and has compiled much of the above information to bring to you today.

In solidarity


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Very best May Day wishes to all UFU members today, International Workers Day. We will celebrate next Saturday 4 May with a March and Family Fun Day, commencing at Elder Park at 11:00 hours.

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