UFUSA Resourcing Campaign

Materials supporting the Resourcing Campaign are currently being received and distributed out to stations and worksites in the metropolitan area, with distribution to members throughout regional operations to follow hot on the heels of this initiative.

Thank you to all members who have assisted in this process and who are already proudly displaying the banners to educate our community about our campaign.

If your Station has not yet received your campaign materials, you can call us on 8352 7211 or email info@ufusa.com.au to let us know. If you have a capacity to assist us to distribute materials to regional stations, please let us know ASAP.

UFUSA Resourcing Campaign
Resourcing Campaign

Meanwhile meetings with Members of Parliament are being organised and attended by our team to ensure that our elected representatives are aware of the resourcing crisis within the MFS involving appliances, equipment, training and support services. So far, in addition to meeting with the Minister for Emergency Services we have met with the leader of the opposition Peter Malinauskas and the Opposition spokesperson for Emergency Services, Lee Odenwalder.

You may be asked to participate in a firefighter delegation to your local MP’s office and your expression of interest in participating in such a delegation can be forwarded to us at the above email address. We know that many members have relationships with various Members of Parliament, so please let us know if you believe you can help with getting the truth of the situation being confronted by UFUSA members on a daily basis, through to them. Every bit helps.

UFUSA Resourcing Campaign
Resourcing Campaign


  • The ban on on-shiftAct Ups remains in place
  • Suspension of the daily work routine continues
  • Limitation remains on Fire Alarm Reporting Do not submit Automatic fire alarm details into AIIRS
  • UFUSA T-shirt -Wear Union T-shirt as per Wordback Nos 41 and 42 of 2020
  • The allocation of overtime costs to a new cost centre (currently numbered 817) remains banned.



Due to COVID restrictions, the public rally scheduled for 3 December 2020 will NOT proceed. Future alternative arrangements for the rally will be advised. Proactive public drilling remains suspended and the Work to Rule action remains in abeyance.


Scheduled training is exempt from industrial action.


State Councillors have kindly agreed to be “duty officers” to assist members with any queries or problems in relation to the actions, bans and limitations of the campaign. Contact details are as follows:

Michael Riggs0400 211 325
Brad Robertson0433 469 565
Matt Watherston0414 600 045
Gideon Douglas0438 332 781
Greg Chivers0418 824 706
Tim Maitland0457 749 159

State Council will consider campaign matters further on Thursday, 10 December 2020. The views and ideas of members are encouraged and appreciated so please do forward to info@ufusa.com.au at your earliest opportunity or speak to your local Shop Steward or State Councillor. Thank you all for your strong support for this campaign.

In solidarity,


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