UFUSA Resourcing Campaign

Resourcing Campaign materials are currently being distributed to members across the state. A program of delivery is underway now to members in Regional Operations. Do you have yours?

UFUSA Resourcing Campaign

Huge thanks to all who have assisted or are assisting in this process and also to those of you who are already proudly displaying the banners to educate our community about our campaign.And sending us your photos of the banners and of the issues which make this campaign so important.

If your Station has not yet received your campaign materials, you can call us on 8352 7211 or email info@ufusa.com.au to let us know. If you have a capacity to assist us to distribute materials to regional stations, please let us know ASAP.

UFUSA Resourcing Campaign
UFUSA Resourcing Campaign


As reported in Wordback No39/2020, our union is pursuing the issues arising from SAMFS Memoranda 63 and 64 dealing with the calling of the 2021 Full-Time SO Promotion Process (63) and the call for applications to enrol in the Senior Firefighter Level 2 Qualified Development Program (64).

Members directly affected by these matters can be assured that your union remains committed to vigorously pursuing the resolution of these matters through all available avenues to protect the interests of members now and into the future. We regret the distress being experienced by all of you who are negatively affected by these matters and we continue to seek proper resolution.

Discussions with management to date about membership concerns however, have not been fruitful and it does not appear there is a real prospect of resolution by working together, leaving us with the industrial and legal avenues to pursue.

Accordingly a meeting of interested members has been called for Tuesday, 8 December 2020 at 10:30 hours at the UFUSA Office at 148 South Road Torrensville.

COVID-19 restrictions will be in place so preregistration is required by calling us on 8352 7211 or emailing to info@ufusa.com.au this will help to ensure the health and safety of all. Accredited COVID Marshalls will be in attendance.


Meanwhile we are so proud of members of our union; such good people doing such good things.

As Movember closes and the shaving cream comes out, it’s heartening how many firefighters raised substantial funds for mental health.

We are told that the current Recruit Squad itself raised over $5500. A massive effort!

Well done to everyone in Squad 57 and to all our members who participated in this fantastic initiative.

UFUSA Movember

In solidarity,


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