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If someone is injured at work, or they become sick because of their work, it should be reported to the employer within 24 hours and the worker should seek immediate medical attention.

A worker should report their injury or illness to the employer whether they intend to make a claim for workers compensation or not.

An injury or illness can be reported verbally or in writing. If a worker is unable to make a report, one can be made by a representative such as a family member or friend.

Usually, a WorkCoverSA claim form is used to report an injury or illness. You must include the following details:

  • the day, time and place that the injury or illness occurred;
  • a detailed description of the injury or illness, including the part of the body affected; and
  • a description of how the injury or illness occurred.

An employer must then forward this information within five calendar days their claims agent or WorkCover. If an employer is self-insured, they will have their own claims manager and will follow their own internal processes.

What you can claim for
Workers can lodge claims for the rehabilitation and compensation of their injury or illness (physical or psychological) that happened because of their work, including diseases, disfigurement and catastrophic injuries. Family members can also lodge claims for compensation in the event of death.

Once lodged, your claim will be assessed and if accepted, you can have reasonable medical treatment and costs paid for or reimbursed (such as ambulance, hospital and health care expenses, medicines, travel to and from medical appointments, therapeutic appliances and nursing). You may also receive rehabilitation and weekly payments (sometimes referred to as income maintenance) to help you in your recovery and return to work or the community. Depending on your circumstances, you may receive assistance for domestic or home care, child care, and re-training. All of this is assessed on the basis of what is reasonable. Talk to your case manager about your entitlements.

If your claim is not accepted, see who does what in the workers rehabilitation and compensation system for information about your rights to dispute the decision.

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